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The ones who call the shots...

Rafael García-Plata

Rafael García-Plata

CEO, creative whiz and the top hat.
Advertising is his happiness. Practising marketing breathing oxygen and nitrogen. Judo is his way of life.

Lorena Castiñeiras

The little boss.
Galician - which says a lot. An avid bookworm, not so keen on cooking and not fond of using anglicisms. Everything is more beautiful in green, and with a bit of patience, you live better.

Pablo Carmenado

Pablo Carmenado

Talking and talking, born to run. Father of a large family, marathon runner and Atleti supporter. Magnetic as a magnet for customers and passionate about marketing.


Alicia Hernandez

Management / HR.
As if she was in Wonderland, she regularly hears us say "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" 


Isabel Melendez

The Director Of Finance.
Our guardian angel.

The ones who listen and provide guidance...


Nacho Gallardo

Account executive.
As expected from a marketing enthusiast, he conducts a market for his every purchase. A loyal fan of technology and a staunch adversary of books with movie covers.


Cristina Elizaga

Cris Elízaga

Account executive.
Faithful and tireless fighter. Passionate about event organization. Fanatic of decor. With a single set of furniture, she can transform the soul of your home


Eva Herrero

SEM and Social Media Campaigns
With her feet in the clouds and her head immersed in marketing. A lemon enthusiast, passionate about board games and Scout life. If she drinks coffee, she goes electric.


Mary Marañés

Positive, determined, always with a smile on. Chocolate and crafts lover. Mother of two teenagers.


Silvia Contreras

De evento en evento y tiro porque me toca. Apasionada de los viajes y los animales. Con un poco de música ya lo da todo.

The ones who turn and idea into visual art...


Cristina Meca

Directora de arte.
No hay mejor inspiración para ella que una escapadita de fin de semana. Cinéfila y amante de la naturaleza, disfruta llenando la vida de colores, tipografías e ingenio.

Angela del Barrio

Angela del Barrio

Junior art director
Find her in her garden, in the kitchen or in a live music venue. Big fan of lovely recipes - she is a chef in her free time. Music defines her - and the other way around.


Lorena Cardona

Web art director
Never venturing outside without a fully charged phone, you'll discover her capturing awe-inspiring pics. A proud minimalist and devoted mother to two precious little ones, her best ever creation.


Alex Cardona

Graphic designer.
Passionate about street art, he finds even greater joy when he becomes the creator. You'll find him creating or chasing a soccer ball.

Diego Sampedro

Web developer.
Coffee coffee = new Coffee(); if (coffee.Empty) { coffee.Refill(); } else { coffee.Drink(); }


Stefano Bettini

Art Director.
Sarcastic for the witty. Loses a bit of life every time he sees us break spaghetti before boiling them or when we add cream to carbonara. A lover of cats, he detests everything else. Ciao ciao.


Rubén Martínez

Realizador / Editor & Motion graphics designer.  
He tenido que recorrer medio mundo para darme cuenta de que Madrid es el único lugar que siento como mi hogar. 
Para mí el hecho de elegir una profesión nunca fue una opción, porque es lo que me hace feliz y lo que me impulsa a mejorar día a día.


Alvaro Narvaez

A culinary wizard and adventurer. He could spend his life underwater if there was a movie theater beneath the waves.


Roberto de Baltasar

A lo que importa: gatos y música; cine y fotografía por descontado. Soy cotilla audiovisual; lo más seguro es que no me veas en ninguna foto (o vídeo), porque seré el que la esté haciendo. Y para acabar, una frase intensa: si puede sentirse, puede fotografiarse.

The wordsmiths who weave magic


Alvaro Dominguez

He carries a book for the voyage of life and the stories within unfurl worlds afar. As his fingers dance upon the keys, memories of tour guides whisper, guiding his words along the pages.


Sergio Valladolid

Se define a si mismo como Solucionador en la Selva. Creativo, disruptivo, kebab de ternera y escucha la radio

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