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Rafael García-Plata

Rafael García-Plata

CEO, creata and running.
Advertising is happiness. Practice the marketing breathing oxygen, nitrogen, and advertising. To life makes him judo.

Lorena Castiñeiras

The little boss.
Galician, that already says a lot. Lover of reading and hater of the kitchen and anglicisms. Green everything is more beautiful and with patience you live better.

Pablo Carmenado

Pablo Carmenado

Talk that talk, born to run. The father of a large family, marathoner and Atleti. Magnetic as a magnet for customers and passionate about marketing.

Elena García

Elena Garcia

Marketing and digital transformation.
Mother of three kids and all of the campaigns paid for our customers. Expert analysis of websites from top to bottom and from bottom to top.


Alicia Hernandez

Management / HR.
As if I was in Wonderland... hear us say what it is I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! 


Isabel Melendez

The Director Of Finance.
Our guardian angel.

Los que escuchan y enriquecen…


Martín Peña

Account executive.
Cheerful, charismatic and stubborn. Coffee as a lifestyle and fitness to nourish the soul. If you want to conquer it, better with pasta. What Mail? What mail?


Nacho Gallardo

Account executive.
De marketing tenía que ser, se hace un estudio de mercado para cada cosa que compra. Fiel fan de la tecnología y acérrimo enemigo de los libros con portadas de películas.


Cristina Elizaga

Cris Elízaga

Account executive.
Loyal and feisty tireless. Passionate about the organization of events. Fan of the decor, with the same furniture will change the look of your home.


Mary Marañés

Positive, determined, always with a smile, chocolate lover, and crafts. Mother of two teenagers.


Alicia Alfaro

Account executive.
Valencia known for its ability to do whatever. Puts the sound track to your work and into your life with the best lists of Spotify. His second name: Apañá.


Eva Herrero

SEM y Social Media Campaign.
Con los pies en las nubes y la cabeza en el marketing. Amante del limón, los juegos de mesa y la vida Scout. Si se toma un café da calambre.

Who turn an idea into art...


Cristina Meca

Designer art.
Give it a word and pulls out an idea.

Angela del Barrio

Angela del Barrio

Art director Junior.
Look for it in your garden, in the kitchen or in a music room. Lover recipes made with love and a chef in his spare time. The music, the sets, and she's the music.


Lorena Cardona

Art director web.
Do not leave home without charging your mobile and you will find it behind it making stunning photos. Minimalist and mom of two kids, his best creation.


Stefano Bettini

Art Director.
Sarcastic so smart. You lose a little bit of life every time we see from the spaguettis before you boil it, and pour cream in a carbonara. Lover of cats, and I hate everything else. Ciao ciao


Alex Cardona

Graphic designer.
Loving the street art and even more comfortable doing it. See creating or running after a ball.

Diego Sampedro

Web developer.
Coffee coffee = new Coffee(); if (coffee.Empty) { coffee.Refill(); } else { coffee.Drink(); }


Alejandro Puig

Realizador y colorista.
Que sea de Sevilla no significa que me guste el flamenco. Enamorado del cine y los animales.


Alvaro Narvaez

Cocinitas and adventurous. You could spend your life under water if there is a place where you see movies.

The words, do anything really...

Laura Picurelli

Laura Picurelli

Director of content & biodiver sity newsletter.
Mucho más que una supermami, Picu es un torbellino de energía, que igual que escribe una novela, emprende con un negocio o monta una ONG. Una mujer todoterreno y creativa a la que le encanta viajar, salir y comer.


Alvaro Dominguez

Always travel with a book, and the books will always make you travel. When you type, your memories of the tour guides will have to take note.


Oscar Calderon

The soul of all the holidays. He is always with something between hands Not to! A devotee of the cinema, travel and techno music, is never lost for a meeting with friends. What your superpower? The word.


Marta Moneo

Le gusta darle personalidad a lo que escribe. Todo lo que se puede bailar, se lo baila. Para ella, ser profesional no implica tener que ponerse seria. Muchos gatos, una moto y un saxofón.


Lara Blanes

Journalist Adventurous mountains.
Never see without a book, there is where you write how to hatch your dreams. Amateur art. If we lose, we find in Florence.

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